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Thread: headphone problem

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    Default headphone problem

    hello this is varun tyagi

    i recently installed genuine windows 7 on my IBM think center A51 (8123 LQ4) desktop
    first i could not find audio drivers for my desktop.then i tried compatibility program offered by windows 7 and sound started coming from headphones.
    but the problem is that when i play movies sound of music comes normal but the dialog are heard scratchy.i just can not hear what they saying while background score is playing well. I have checked my headphones are fine

    what should i do to rectify this problem ?

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    Patrick is offline Junior Member Array
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    Jun 2010


    It will be the wiring. All earphones are pretty much junk, especially the ear-bud types. try some that go over the ear and try not to wind/tangle the cords too much.

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    StephSte is offline Junior Member Array
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    Check out the sound by testing it through the audio properties option.if you don't hear , still face the same problem .Then your sound card will need a replacement.

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    i have been given some new head phones for my ipod
    they have been great but just today have started playing up
    it seemes that if the headphone plug is moved at all the sound cuts out or goes very soft
    and i was wondering why and if there is any thing i can do.
    if you need more info just say in a reply

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    manufacturer's site is always the best place to get your required driver.

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    hello, i have problem with my pc headphone, i only hear sound from speaker but the microphone of the headset are working my concern

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