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  1. Windows 7 x64 Messenger don't save history
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  3. Final Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
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  6. Re: Contacts adding without permission
  7. Who has me on their contact list? Wave 4 beta
  8. Clean install of current WLMail, WLMessenger
  9. Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
  10. messages
  11. Sign in error in Windows Live Messenger Beta
  12. Emoticons not working
  13. Messanger shuts down immediatly after logging on
  14. MAKE IT STOP!!!!
  15. Test
  16. Webcam...
  17. A LOT of "Message can noit be delivered" lately
  18. Unable to login
  19. Remote Assistance Script
  20. webcam not working on WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER
  21. Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
  22. Live Messenger 2009 chat session drops
  23. Windows Live Messenger has stopped working
  24. Windows Live Messenger has stopped working
  25. Help me I've made a terrible mistake
  26. Live Messenger OnlineInstall error
  27. sharing contacts between WLM and messenger
  28. Cannot Install WL messenger
  29. Outgoing audio cuts out after 5mins - every time
  30. Re: Sony Vaio Camera Not Working with Live Messenger
  31. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  32. RE: Are you encountering error 81000395 when you try to sing into Wind
  33. Windows Live Video Chat
  34. Windows Live Messenger on Vista, and it appears on multiple computers
  35. Alerts and Sounds do not play on Windows 7 KN x64
  36. Re: Search Enhancement Pack
  37. Re: Search Enhancement Pack
  38. Re: Search Enhancement Pack
  39. RE: Search Enhancement Pack
  40. RE: Search Enhancement Pack
  41. RE: The "Nudge" Mystery
  42. WebCam
  43. Re: Search Enhancement Pack
  45. RE: Windows Live Messenger 8.5 & Outlook 2007
  46. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  47. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  48. Please upgrade my Windows.Kive .messenger
  49. Import encrypted Windows Live Contacts?
  50. Tab pages load with improper link attributes
  51. Windows Live messenger has stopped working......
  52. I can't see my friends on the webcam
  53. RE: error code: 80080005
  54. Reflection on the newsgroups and final farewell
  55. Contacts not Displayed in Main Window
  56. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  57. Question on disabling WLM 2009 parts
  58. Anything known about the Invitation bug?
  59. msn
  60. RE: "message can't be delivered" to all receipents
  61. Solution: One way video
  62. Uxcore.dll named curse!!
  63. Log of all Sign ins
  64. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  65. Add contacts limit
  66. Wlm help :| :|
  67. Where do "What's new" get the friends news?
  68. Re: Windows Live Messenger will not auto signin
  69. Encounters error and closes EVERY time
  70. Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
  71. Can't login after 20 minutes online
  72. RE: Disable Windows Live Messenger
  73. need help to fix this problem
  74. RE: Error code: 8000401a
  75. ping: Jonathan Kay
  76. RE: Downloading Live Messenger 8.5 standalone?
  77. Ok, managed to do it...
  78. start sending webcam does not exist in my msn
  79. Windows Live crap
  80. RE: Key Ports Problem
  81. RE: Error code: 8001012e
  82. opening email client
  83. come configuro casella posta hotmail su oe ?
  84. hotmail error sending mail
  85. hotmail vestuuren fout
  86. Re: Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Application Sharing
  87. Installing Explorer 8 Problems
  88. avvio ubuntu
  89. Update - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
  90. Need to get rid of Live Messenger on 32 bit XP pro system
  91. create MULTIPLE IM accounts for corporation?
  92. Micorsoft is going to stop MS newsgroups
  93. sky drive question
  94. MSN Live Messenger Codec Audio
  95. SMS Compatibility
  96. Cannot Add Contacts
  97. Re: How to fully delete contacts from MSN Live Messenger?
  98. what addtinal port used in WLM14
  99. Re: Live Messenger Conversation Privacy & Security
  100. After computer restart windows xp
  101. Windows live messenger 2010
  102. 80072ee7 From Hibernation
  103. Windows Live Messenger 80072745 error and Netgear router
  104. RE: error code: 80080005
  105. Re: Messenger Support Blog - Troubleshooting Common Errors
  106. RE: 8100030d - sign into live messenger failed
  107. Auto login not working
  108. get rid of invite?
  109. Increasing spambots / Suggestions
  110. Re: Windows Live Essentials
  111. webcam pics
  112. Update to Windows Mail
  113. Displaced Audio Driver
  114. RE: wont let me sign in error code 80070312
  115. How can I recover my lost contacts and categories?
  116. eror ox80070659
  117. eror ox80070659
  118. webcam freezing
  119. How to restore deleted and blocked contacts?
  120. Question about fully Delete & Block MSN Live Messenger
  121. RE: error 80070005 Windows live messenger
  122. Windows Live Messenger Failed because the service is temporarily u
  123. Messenger syas i have no internet connection when im connected to the internet.
  124. Windows Live Messenger/MSN Freezes My PC (WIN 7 64)
  125. RE: msn error code 80040154
  126. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  127. Fastidious problem with WLM2009, i'm not resulting in their contactlist.
  128. RE: The "Nudge" Mystery
  129. RE: Error code: 8000401a
  130. RE: Error Code 0x8000ffff
  131. Messenger notification
  132. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  133. We can't sign you in to Windows Live Messenger
  134. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  135. Windows 7 x64 msnmsgr.exe crash
  136. Messenger emoticons - Adding from one laptop to another, wont show up!
  137. automatically signed out.
  138. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  139. I cant install the windows live messenger
  140. RE: Live Messenger Signon getting 8000FFFF
  141. My contacts have disappeared
  142. MSN ERROR CODE 100
  143. Does WLM charge fees?
  144. Live messenger and skype problem
  145. I am stumped
  146. Re: windows live
  147. The "Nudge" Mystery
  148. Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8089.726 cam grayed out pro
  149. live messenger wont work with my vista
  150. accessing email.
  151. Unknown contacts (Spammers)
  152. "You have 1 request" doesn't go away
  153. Who has you list not showing up
  154. Cant Log in on my account on messenger
  155. RE: msn error code 80040154
  156. Re: Live Messenger doesn't remember my sign in info after restart.
  157. Cannot sign in window live messenger ver14.. error code 8000ffff
  158. sounds again!!!!!
  159. can not sign in windows live on windows xp
  160. i have lost all my contacts, HELP !!!
  161. RE: error code: 80080005
  162. Windows Live Messenger Handwriting Tab
  163. Games not working
  164. Windows Live games cannot connect
  165. I get disconnected after seconds of connecting
  166. Help!!!Image Quality reduced during video talk
  167. Image quality reduced during video call
  168. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  169. RE: Video Chat not working in version 2009
  170. Re: Error 800706b5
  171. Re: Live Messenger 2009 disconnects immediately upon connecting
  172. RE: Error Code: 8007007e
  173. Re: WLM Get faultcode: Windows Live Communication Platform has stoped working
  174. how reliable is the "Who has you in their contact list" list?
  175. All of my contacts have disappeared
  176. Seems my account is kinda "synchronized" with another one
  177. Live Nudge
  178. RE: Error Code: 8007007e
  179. Instant Messaging chat window takes 10 seconds to open
  180. secure chat connection
  181. RE: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  182. Messenger status is showing as offline ?
  183. messenger > mac video
  184. MSN sign in issue
  185. Window keeps popping up & down
  186. msn messenger showing as offline
  187. Re: New contacts appear offline
  188. appearing offline under WLM
  189. I appear offline to my contacts but I'm online
  190. my case it online , it Show offline
  191. Re: Error Code: 8007007e
  192. Cant open Messenger - Error code 80048834
  193. Can't uninstall or install messenger
  194. Re: Error 800706b5
  195. Live Messenger Presence button is not working
  196. Group for Windows 7 beginners???
  197. Re: Messenger Not Working In Vista
  198. windows live messenger closes w/ dep on desktop but not laptop
  199. RE: Error Code 8e5e044e
  200. Error Code 8007007e
  201. RE: Search Enhancement Pack
  202. Can't send e-mail messages...Error Message 530
  203. unable to sign you in to Windows Live ID .. Please HELP
  204. Re: Contacts adding without permission
  205. Grayed out Winks, Nudges, and Emoticons
  206. cant remember my password
  207. RE: error code: 80080005
  208. Re: WLM 2009 and 80072ef3 error
  209. Windows Live Messenger 2009 randomly closing with DEP Error
  210. RE: No Send Button?
  211. 270 days ?
  212. Cannot send messages
  213. RE: "Messenger not available (0x80ee001c)" when attempting voice chat
  214. Re: WLM Get faultcode: Windows Live Communication Platform has stoped working
  215. Problems installing messenger
  216. 0x80070643
  217. I am in trouble
  218. Messenger Service Not Installed Error
  219. How to remove Windows Live Messenger?
  220. "Contact list full" Error message, but contact list is not full.
  221. chat box dont appears when double clicking on a contact person
  222. problems signing into windows live hotmail page from messenger
  223. RE: Error Code: 8007007e
  224. WLM High Contrast
  225. Weird sound problem
  226. RE: Error code: 8001012e
  227. signing in to windows live id failed
  228. -Cannot add new contacts in windows Live Messenger 9.0
  229. RE: Delete group
  230. Re: Delete group
  231. RE: Delete group
  232. Cannot add contacts in WLM , contact list full
  233. Wm
  234. Messenger problem.
  235. Run in XP 64-bit?
  236. A good internal Instant Messaging program for my company?
  237. How do I stop "Do you want to add this person to messenger" popups
  238. Re: WLM Get faultcode: Windows Live Communication Platform has sto
  239. About blocked contacts ?
  240. Stop notifications from Windows Live Messenger
  241. Testing
  242. Windows Messenger Has Stopped Working
  243. Re: How do I retrieve or restore a deleted chat log archive?
  244. Call missing from action menu
  245. Inhibit Windows Live Messenger
  246. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  247. Can sort Emoticons?
  248. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working
  249. new features of messenger popup
  250. Re: Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working