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  1. Google and Facebook come out against government spying
  2. Here's the Apple Watch torn apart for your pleasure
  3. House passes bill allowing corporations to share your data
  4. Researchers find another terrifying iOS flaw
  5. Internet forums are good for you
  6. Tesla will reveal a battery for your home at its April event
  7. 1,500 iOS apps are vulnerable to an HTTPS-crippling bug
  8. The Darknet-shopping robot has been released by Swiss police
  9. Scientists can build an early-warning system for trolls
  10. Google wants you to download your web search history
  11. Microsoft's Cortana comes to Android through a hack
  12. Messenger spacecraft to crash into Mercury after studying it for years
  13. Your Google Wallet funds are now insured
  14. Bad software update kills many Wink smart home hubs
  15. Russians are using undiscovered exploits to hack the US government
  16. Windows 10's phone maps help you find things to do
  17. Amazon's Android appstore loses one of its best features
  18. Google search 'Find My Phone' to locate your missing Android
  19. Cops gave a malware-laden drive to a lawyer for whistleblowers
  20. Verizon says the security threats to your phone are 'overblown'
  21. Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge is ridiculously expensive to make
  22. Scientists create dark matter 'map' to see invisible space
  23. Kaspersky releases decryption tool that unlocks ransomware
  24. Garmin's latest action cameras track more of your performance
  25. Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge is a royal pain to repair
  26. Microsoft's new browser won't enable 'Do Not Track' by default
  27. Hacking game 'TouchTone' turned me into an NSA spy, and I liked it
  28. Tiny geolocators track birds flying 1,600 miles across the Atlantic
  29. Google shows how it fights apps that insert unwanted web ads
  30. This is how you refuel Zero's electric motorcycle
  31. Chrome OS beta is getting a new launcher with Google Now
  32. NASA is working with Russia on a new space station
  33. Google lets any app use its malware-blocking tools
  34. Here's how a lithium-ion battery degrades over time
  35. The Galaxy S6 lets you remove most apps (including Samsung's)
  36. New Zealand used NSA data to spy on rival trade leader candidates
  37. Your Android phone will soon stay unlocked while you're holding it
  38. Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in the UK
  39. The Pirate Bay's new network is making ISP blocks useless
  40. Windows 10 takes up less space and lets you easily kill bloatware
  41. Windows 10 log-in options will include fingerprint, facial and iris recognition
  42. Bitcoin's tech could be used to prevent digital gift card fraud
  43. A third of Americans improved their privacy in light of spying leaks
  44. Exploring the ZX Spectrum's glorious rebirth as a gaming keyboard
  45. Google Now will soon show info from any app
  46. Windows 10 will deliver updates through your fellow PC users
  47. The latest version of Android could keep your data safe on public WiFi
  48. NASA proves that Jupiter's biggest moon is hiding an ocean
  49. Scientists make strides in beaming solar power from space
  50. Saturn's icy moon possibly has warm waters that could foster life
  51. The BBC is creating a TV drama based on 'Grand Theft Auto'
  52. Google's new Chrome extension brings classic art to every tab
  53. Here's an unprecedented peek into an interstellar nursery
  54. How the CIA planned to hijack Apple's developer tools
  55. Self-destructing site shows how long it takes Google to find you
  56. Android 5.1 arrives with HD calling and safeguards for stolen phones
  57. Jeb Bush believes net neutrality rules are the 'craziest ideas'
  58. Drones are now banned from London's Royal Parks
  59. Mars once had enough water to form a large ocean
  60. Here's how you pay with an Apple Watch
  61. Apple Watch battery life and low-power mode details leak out
  62. Popular torrent client is stealing your CPU cycles to mine Bitcoins
  63. If James Bond drove an electric car, it'd be this Aston Martin concept
  64. Android Wear watches are reportedly getting iPhone support
  65. This is how Microsoft will unite your Windows 10 devices
  66. Cyanogen celebrates its new Qualcomm partnership with a complete rebrand
  67. These 'privacy glasses' make you invisible to facial recognition
  68. Microsoft will announce two Windows Phones tomorrow
  69. 'Star Trek' star Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83
  70. Swiss watchmakers are teaming up to fight Apple and Google
  71. Microsoft made an Android keyboard especially for Excel
  72. Google won't ban adult content on Blogger after all
  73. Scientists puzzled by 'bright spots' on surface of dwarf planet Ceres
  74. Police kill money-stealing botnet that infected millions of PCs
  75. Apple ordered to pay $532.9 million to an iTunes patent troll
  76. AMD's next laptop processor is mostly about battery life
  77. Russia will keep its pieces of the International Space Station in orbit
  78. I got a connected surveillance camera, but used it mainly as a puppycam
  79. Curiosity learns to drill into Mars rocks without breaking them
  80. Chrome warns users of malware-infected websites before connecting to them
  81. Google's banning sexually explicit content from its blogging platform
  82. The top 11 tablets you can buy today
  83. Hack puts iPhone notifications on an Android Wear watch
  84. Microsoft will soon help you find friends with Windows phones
  85. Hubble photo of a star can help scientists study how planets are born
  86. YouTube launches a dedicated app for kids on February 23
  87. US and UK spy agencies stole the secrets keeping your phone secure
  88. How to build a high-end, overclocked PC (as written by an idiot)
  89. 3D-printed tools from the ISS are back on Earth for testing
  90. MIT's light-up robot garden teaches you how to code
  91. Leader of webcam spying ring 'Blackshades' pleads guilty
  92. Beam's Android-powered projector fits in your light sockets
  93. See Russia's Tesla Tower through the eyes of a drone
  94. The black hole imagery of 'Interstellar' is now helping astrophysics
  95. The Big Picture: Rosetta gets up close and personal with a comet
  96. Office for iOS can store your files in iCloud
  97. Native Americans still battling Facebook over real name policy
  98. Find out if the UK used NSA data to spy on you
  99. The NSA hides surveillance software in hard drives
  100. A night in Richard Branson's state-of-the-art Virgin Hotel
  101. It's now possible to map your home's WiFi signal in 3D
  102. Study says Android 4.0 and iOS 8 are most likely to crash your apps
  103. Apple decides marijuana app belongs in the App Store after all
  104. Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives on phones
  105. UK makes 'revenge porn' illegal with punishment of up to two years in jail
  106. Find your pals in a crowd with this flashing phone app
  107. Parallels just made it easier to try Windows 10 on your Mac
  108. Facebook helps online services warn each other about security threats
  109. Smartphone 'kill switches' are reducing thefts in big cities
  110. UK government promises free WiFi on trains by 2017
  111. US launching a new cyberwarfare agency in wake of Sony attacks
  112. Nikon's D810A DSLR is designed for shooting stars
  113. iOS 9 reportedly focuses on under-the-hood upgrades
  114. France can order internet providers to block terrorist websites
  115. Ancestry website won't let you borrow its UFO records
  116. Schools ban watches from exams to keep cheating off wrists
  117. Anonymity is dead and other lessons from the Silk Road trial
  118. The Big Picture: three Galilean moons make their way across Jupiter
  119. Take a look at the far side of the moon in this new NASA video
  120. UK court rules that GCHQ unlawfully spied on British citizens
  121. Canon's 5Ds and 5Ds R have whopping 50.6-megapixel sensors
  122. Chrome OS lets you lock lost or stolen computers
  123. Sound Off! Share what you're doing with a Raspberry Pi
  124. Twitter CEO admits 'we suck at dealing with trolls,' vows to fix it
  125. Monitoring Julian Assange has cost the UK government up to 10 million
  126. Spyware tries to lure gamers through fake in-game voice apps
  127. China will require your real name for internet account sign-ups
  128. 'Canary Watch' legally reveals when sites get national security requests
  129. Sneaky ad-spewing apps land on millions of Android devices
  130. Great, another 'solution' to your smartphone's terrible battery life
  131. London has a real problem with thieves targeting keyless cars
  132. Microsoft's putting Bing on your Android lock screen
  133. The end is reportedly near for RadioShack
  134. Windows 10 is coming to the Raspberry Pi 2 for free
  135. Dixons Carphone is planning its own mobile network too
  136. Raspberry Pi 2 announced with substantial hardware upgrades
  137. Entangled photons on a chip could lead to super-fast computers
  138. The US Army wants you to look at code it uses to spot cyberattacks
  139. The Big Picture: The mouth of an interstellar beast
  140. Your BMW just downloaded a security patch
  141. Google makes Earth Pro available to virtual travelers for free
  142. British thieves stole DVDs from a supermarket by mailing them home
  143. Google agrees to make its privacy policy clearer in the UK
  144. Microsoft's Office for Android tablet apps arrive today
  145. Canada's digital spies are watching what you download
  146. Robot finds fish beneath Antarctic ice, could be used to explore Europa
  147. Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room
  148. Google explains why it's not fixing web security in old Android phones
  149. Google reveals Mac security holes before Apple's fix is ready
  150. Winklevoss twins want to make Bitcoin legit with US-based exchange
  151. Here's the code you need for Sony's 10 percent PSN store discount
  152. 'Project Eyes' tackles pirate fishing with satellites and algorithms
  153. Apple apparently hasn't solved the smartwatch battery life problem
  154. Forget detention: Illinois students might have to forfeit their Facebook passwords
  155. Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat encrypted video calling service
  156. Microsoft's HoloLens headset is a holographic display for Windows 10
  157. Microsoft finally shows off Windows 10 for phones and small tablets
  158. Windows 10 browser includes Cortana, note-taking and offline reading
  159. Windows 10's messaging lets you use multiple chat services at once
  160. You can stream Forza or Halo from Xbox One to Windows 10
  161. LastPass native app for Mac works just like the browser add-ons
  162. Apple's latest acquisition will tell it what the world is listening to
  163. SpaceX is now a $10 billion company thanks to Google
  164. Hackers broke into Sony Pictures using an unpatched security hole
  165. What to expect from Microsoft's next Windows 10 event
  166. Please don't use these passwords. Sincerely, the Internet
  167. The FDA will regulate wearables making health claims
  168. Sky will soon switch on adult broadband filters for indecisive customers
  169. UK spies collected journalists' email as part of a test
  170. Google and SpaceX are talking about internet satellites
  171. The NSA knew North Korea hacked Sony because it hacked North Korea first
  172. NSA brags about turning the tables on cyberwarfare hackers
  173. Virgin wants to launch 'world's largest' array of internet satellites
  174. Google Maps for Android now lets you easily share directions
  175. Xiaomi mocks Apple with its very own premium phablet
  176. GoPro deal brings action cameras to live TV
  177. Russia starts banning Bitcoin websites
  178. Google's Android launcher lets you pretend you're using Lollipop
  179. Google won't fix a security bug that's in almost a billion Android phones
  180. The UK wants to essentially ban all secure communications
  181. Here's how accessories will use your iPhone's Lightning port
  182. Use your iPhone to access Google's Chrome Remote Desktop
  183. Thieves tried to swipe credit cards using an iPod nano
  184. Samsung's super-slim Galaxy A7 prioritizes looks over power
  185. Google's translation app will soon turn speech into text on the fly
  186. Brazil's enormous taxes chase Nintendo out of the country
  187. Watch SpaceX launch its Falcon 9 rocket and try to land it on a barge (updated)
  188. Neil Young's high-definition Pono Music is coming to cars
  189. Following Sony hacks, Congress revisits much-maligned spying bill
  190. Charlie Hebdo will print a million copies of its next edition with government and Google help
  191. Windows 10's new browser reportedly lets you search with your voice
  192. Samsung's latest SSD is absurdly fast and uses virtually no standby power
  193. Premier League football clubs are banning selfie sticks from stadiums
  194. Intel's Compute Stick puts Windows 8.1 on your TV for $149
  195. FBI explains how it linked North Korea to the Sony Pictures hack
  196. You can play 2,400 classic DOS games in your web browser
  197. The Big Picture: Andromeda galaxy panorama by Hubble
  198. BMW wants you to control your car's features from a Samsung tablet
  199. Samsung's first portable SSD packs fast storage for relatively little cash
  200. This power pack can charge your iPhone 6 in 15 minutes
  201. We're (eventually) doomed: passing stars may rain comets on Earth
  202. 'Smarter' TVs know what you're watching, react accordingly
  203. Avegant's headphone-like wearable display arrives this fall
  204. Xiaomi's smartphone sales tripled in one year
  205. Seagate outs a fleet of cloud, wireless and super-thin hard drives
  206. Mother welcomes developers into her creepy connected world
  207. The Smithsonian now lets you see 40,000 pieces of art online
  208. Twitter Video will be a lot more like YouTube than Vine
  209. Google posts Windows 8.1 vulnerability before Microsoft can patch it
  210. OnePlus unveils its own Android build without Cyanogen
  211. Twitter has a new way to keep you up to date while you're AFK
  212. IRL: The Polaroid Cube is a tiny camera that leaves you wanting more
  213. All of Samsung's new smart TVs run Tizen, stream TV to your phone
  214. Working adults are too busy emailing to care about social media
  215. New York City ponders bitcoin and Apple Pay for parking tickets
  216. FBI wants to know if US banks launched revenge hacks against Iran
  217. You can make a 143-megapixel camera using a scanner
  218. FBI maintains that North Korea hacked Sony as detractors mount
  219. Kim Dotcom's secure chat service is launching 'soon'
  220. Scientists show how you can restore lost memories
  221. Windows 10 will reportedly come with a new, lighter web browser
  222. Great Firewall of China gets blamed for Gmail block
  223. Russia lets anyone use Earth-sensing data from its civilian satellites
  224. Here are the security measures NSA spies hate the most
  225. 'The Interview' is already Sony's most popular online movie to date
  226. PlayStation Network recovers following attacks
  227. These are the hackers who wrecked your holiday gaming
  228. Your smartphone is changing the way your fingers work
  229. The Big Picture: NuSTAR telescope shows the sun blasting out X-rays
  230. Quantum physics theory is easier to understand than you think
  231. Bitcoin exec to spend two years behind bars for Silk Road transactions
  232. The US wants China's help blocking North Korean hackers
  233. BlackBerry's surviving, but not as a smartphone company
  234. Instagram purges spam fake accounts, costing celebs millions of followers
  235. Which Chromebooks are worth buying?
  236. NASA delays 'capture the asteroid' plan until next year
  237. Netflix says offline playback is 'never going to happen'
  238. Curiosity detects organic molecules in Martian atmosphere and soil
  239. Google blocks Gmail add-ons that can spy on your messages
  240. PocketQube kits make it easier for amateurs to build their own satellites
  241. Scientists dream up a credit card that no one can forge
  242. Supercomputer gives most accurate picture yet of star formation
  243. New app tells you if you're too drunk to drive, helps call a cab
  244. Hackers won't release Sony workers' personal info if they object
  245. Google Now is almost ready to control your Nest thermostat
  246. FBI warns businesses about large-scale Iranian hacking threats
  247. Apple worked to block '100 percent' of iTunes competitors from iPods
  248. The Big Picture: Galactic collision provides amazing X-ray light show
  249. Google shuts Russian office following Putin's internet crackdown
  250. Telling people how to remove DRM isn't illegal