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  1. Russian official claims sea plankton was found clinging to ISS windows
  2. Your smartphone can now tell you if you have a heart condition
  3. Bing Maps spices up more than 100 cities with 3D and Streetside views
  4. Robin Williams tribute characters found in World of Warcraft data
  5. US military bans staff from reading a site devoted to leaks
  6. UK tries to protect kids by rating music videos like movies
  7. See-through solar panels provide power and a killer view
  8. Discarded car batteries could become low-cost solar cells
  9. PayPal's One Touch wants to power your in-app mobile purchases
  10. Octopus-like camouflage can hide you in plain sight
  11. Sound off! How do you keep your digital data safe?
  12. Now you only have to barely move your hand to control your smart glasses
  13. Spies used YouTube videos and Microsoft log-ins to take over devices
  14. 3D-printed wind turbine puts 300W of power in your backpack
  15. The US' first privacy-focused technology officer has left after one year
  16. Germany accidentally spied on phone calls from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry
  17. UK spies have scanned the internet connections of entire countries
  18. The second wave of Oculus' latest VR headsets start shipping in October
  19. Hackers transform a smartphone gyroscope into always-on microphone
  20. YouTube refreshes television app for set-top boxes, game consoles and smart TVs
  21. Google's experimental Hangouts app borrows inspiration from Facebook
  22. Twitter makes it easier for VIPs to reach each other above the noise
  23. Scientists turn to hemp for cheap, fast-charging batteries
  24. Snowden: The NSA's building Skynet to fight wars online
  25. Edward Snowden left behind clues so the NSA would understand his motives
  26. The NSA collected more of your personal data than it was legally allowed to
  27. Up to 23 million active Twitter accounts are bots
  28. California's smartphone kill switch bill is about to become law
  29. Microsoft Research project turns a smartphone camera into a cheap Kinect
  30. Smart collar turns your cat into a WiFi hacking weapon
  31. Watch the ISEE-3 lunar flyby live, beginning at 1:30PM ET
  32. Xiaomi issues fix amid privacy scare over its cloud messaging service
  33. First satellite with high-resolution public imaging launches on August 13th
  34. Stacking solar cells leads to more efficient energy collection, lower bills
  35. T-Mobile will now unlock select phones via an app
  36. China wants you to use your real name on social media
  37. You can now add a callback number to your lost (and locked) Android phone
  38. Desktop-sized laser supercomputers could be coming by 2020
  39. Microsoft wants you to say farewell to ye olde Internet Explorer
  40. IBM's new supercomputing chip mimics the human brain with very little power
  41. Edward Snowden gets a three-year extension on his stay in Russia
  42. Microsoft's idea of severance pay is a free Lumia 630
  43. Internet Explorer will block old plugins that leave your PC open to attack
  44. Ninja Sphere promises to turn your house into a smart home for $329
  45. China bans Apple products for government use
  46. Samsung teases a Galaxy Note 4 reveal for September 3rd
  47. US government says someone besides Snowden is leaking secret docs
  48. Explore the moon and Mars with Google Maps
  49. Apple will reportedly announce its next iPhone on September 9th
  50. The FBI uses malware to combat online anonymity
  51. In-car heads-up display lets you respond to texts with hand motions and voice
  52. Aussie electric vehicle breaks 20-year-old world speed record
  53. Viber's Snapchat-like voice feature comes to Windows Phone 8
  54. Now you can catch Cat Fact fever from your phone
  55. Xiaomi, not Samsung, makes China's smartphone of choice
  56. Robotic exoskeletons give dock workers superhuman lifting abilities
  57. What you need to know about hybrid and electric cars
  58. UK government wants one huge database to help it run the country
  59. Android Wear app tries to squeeze Wikipedia onto your wrist
  60. Chinese government drops foreign security software
  61. UK spy agency gives thumbs up to grad degrees in online security
  62. LG fixes G Watch charging flaw that can irritate your skin
  63. Google explains how it handles Europeans' requests to be forgotten online
  64. Catching waves with Rip Curl's SearchGPS surf watch
  65. James Cameron found himself at the bottom of the ocean
  66. YouTube comes to Sky's Now TV box
  67. New malware can live inside any USB device undetected
  68. The government still won't let Twitter share details about national security requests
  69. CIA admits to spying on US Senate computer network
  70. Tesla seals landmark deal to mass-produce EV batteries in the US
  71. The top 9 wearables you can buy right now
  72. Russia wants Apple and SAP to prove that their software isn't used for spying
  73. Life on the ISS as seen through social media
  74. Three's smartphone app for calling and texting over WiFi now available
  75. Samsung's phone market share takes a bruising as Chinese rivals surge
  76. Google now shows what you can do near your hotel
  77. How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune
  78. UK copyright police hit piracy sites where it hurts: their wallets
  79. Microsoft and Intel's latest development board will cost you $300
  80. Opportunity rover breaks record for longest distance driven off-Earth
  81. Russia offers a $110,000 bounty if you can crack Tor
  82. What you need to know about card skimming
  83. Europe approves Apple's $3 billion takeover of Beats
  84. Next-generation lithium cells will double your phone's battery life
  85. Solar cells cool themselves to produce more power
  86. Turn your Android phone into a PC gamepad with this new app
  87. UK politician calls for in-game thieves to be prosecuted like real criminals
  88. Google Maps' new, context-savvy local guide reaches Android
  89. Denon unveils its first receivers with extra-immersive Dolby Atmos sound
  90. 'Father of the internet' Vint Cerf explains how web addresses work
  91. Virtual reality project has you reaching for the stars
  92. The top 12 tablets you can buy right now
  93. Digify helps you protect your data by sending self-destructing files
  94. eBay's ticket site StubHub says it's the victim of a 'global fraud ring'
  95. ASUS has the world's fastest WiFi router... for now
  96. Edward Snowden's preferred OS has a major security flaw
  97. A newer kind of web tracking is almost impossible to stop
  98. O2 Travel add-on offers unlimited data in Europe for 2 per day
  99. What you need to know about the Apollo 11 moon landing
  100. Tiny device aims to tell you if your drink has been spiked
  101. Pranksters can hijack your Chromecast to show whatever they want
  102. Sainsbury's becomes first supermarket to power a store with food waste alone
  103. UK government weighs Tesla's Model S for its 5 million electric vehicle fleet
  104. Search engine turns the tables on hackers by exposing their info
  105. Control high-speed photography from your phone with this camera trigger
  106. NASA says lunar caves could provide living spaces for future astronauts
  107. New York wants Bitcoin exchanges to be heavily regulated
  108. The top 15 smartphones you can buy right now
  109. You can buy your next Dell laptop with Bitcoin
  110. Google finally agrees to fix Chrome bug that drains Windows laptop batteries
  111. This bacteria eats nothing but electricity to survive
  112. Snowden reports NSA employees intercept, share private nude photos
  113. Facebook's got a new app and you (probably) can't have it
  114. Why Tesla Motors can't sell cars in most of the United States
  115. Microsoft lets the EU exercise its 'right to be forgotten' on Bing
  116. Australian bill would jail those who report on leaked spying operations
  117. Senate passes a bill that legalizes cellphone unlocking
  118. Experimental stem cell treatment causes woman to grow parts of a nose on her spine
  119. Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activision for putting him in Call of Duty
  120. Generating power from heat will soon be dirt cheap
  121. Carphone Warehouse could launch its own mobile network with Three's help
  122. NASA's new telescopes could spot alien life within 20 years
  123. UK police begin trialling the world's fastest face recognition tech
  124. Google now tells you how much your Bitcoin is worth
  125. Some new Windows Phones won't let you change your web search provider
  126. Yahoo Japan will erase your digital footprint after you pass away
  127. Snapchat outs location-based filters, but only for LA and NYC
  128. Add a battery-saving, E Ink display to your phone for $79
  129. Data thieves want to track what you type at hotel business centers
  130. Microsoft says super-cheap Windows devices are on the way
  131. $20 reusable chip detects type-1 diabetes quickly and cheaply
  132. In Pictures: The spectacle of the 'Supermoon'
  133. Samsung cuts ties with factory following child labor findings
  134. Online ticket companies could soon face the music over expensive booking fees
  135. UK plans to build first spaceport outside the US by 2018
  136. Raspberry Pi launches Model B+ with extra USB ports, microSD support
  137. US claims Chinese exec used hackers to steal warplane data
  138. Google's Play Store is getting a big, visually intensive makeover
  139. Russia's new tram is a Batmobile on the outside, tech hub on the inside
  140. If you're buying an Android Wear watch this weekend, read this first
  141. Microsoft's Climatology Android app is all about what the weather's usually like
  142. The Big Picture: How astronauts keep things clean
  143. Microsoft kills off 'Streets & Trips,' hopes you'll use Bing Maps instead
  144. What you need to know about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the concept of crowdfunding
  145. China thinks the iPhone's tracking features are a risk to national security
  146. Amazon sidesteps French ban on free shipping by charging a penny
  147. Google says it's struggling to cope after being asked to censor 250,000 EU webpages
  148. PC shipments appear to flatten out after two years of steep decline
  149. Revived NASA space probe might not go back to work after all
  150. Tour Mythbuster Adam Savage's collection of collections with Street View
  151. India plans to build the world's largest floating solar farm
  152. Gmail for Android adds a faster way to attach Google Drive files
  153. UK details new laws to retain users' internet and phone activity
  154. ?Tor Project is being sued for enabling a revenge porn site
  155. 'Watch Dogs' web app turns real data into a virtual surveillance state
  156. Google, Dropbox, Canon and others team up to disarm future patent trolls
  157. Refusing to decrypt data for investigators gets student 6 months in jail
  158. Microsoft's Video Tuner outfits Windows Phone 8.1 with easy clip editing
  159. Chromecast update lets you mirror your Android screen on a TV
  160. RocketSkates let you zip along the sidewalk at a top speed of 12MPH
  161. FBI and NSA targeted prominent Muslim-American leaders for surveillance
  162. Prominent climate change skeptic claims he's been 'banned' by the BBC
  163. Methane-powered rocket wants to conquer space on the cheap
  164. See what makes Android Wear tick in these teardowns
  165. Microsoft offering $75 credit if gamers upgrade to an Xbox One
  166. Key fob phone alerts friends that you need help with the press of a button
  167. Account-stealing bank machine skimmers are now virtually invisible
  168. Retired NASA probe brought back to life after 27 years drifting in space
  169. The TSA won't let you board some flights unless your devices turn on
  170. Most of the NSA's intercepted messages involve ordinary people
  171. Qualcomm briefly takes down Android code for CyanogenMod, Sony and itself
  172. NASA gives the go-ahead to a rocket designed for deep space exploration
  173. Google makes sure its founders will survive a Terminator assault
  174. The Big Picture: NASA flies massive SOFIA telescope to the stratosphere
  175. If you've researched online privacy then the NSA may already be tracking you
  176. The forgotten losers of the console wars
  177. This stackable media hub plays your old 16-bit game cartridges
  178. What you need to know about social media activism
  179. Irish court ruling says defacing Facebook and physical property are the same thing
  180. Microsoft is testing a fix for Windows 8.1 upgrade woes
  181. Facebook used you like a lab rat and you probably don't care
  182. Microsoft's new encryption makes it tougher to spy on your email
  183. 50 Cent's new sports headphones aren't subtle, and that's OK
  184. Madrid's parking meters now charge extra if you drive a fuel hog
  185. Aereo asks users to fight back against Supreme Court ruling
  186. 'Super-Earth' is closest planet yet that could support life
  187. Windows 9 will morph to fit the device it's running on
  188. Massachusetts Supreme Court says it can order you to decrypt your computer
  189. UK cinemas to ban Google Glass over piracy fears
  190. Watch a sniper nail his target from 500 yards without even 'looking' at it
  191. Record-breaking magnet crams three tons of force into the size of a golf ball
  192. Privacy-focused Blackphone starts shipping for $630
  193. Microsoft hints that Windows Phone will soon let you put apps in folders
  194. Facebook explains why it briefly toyed with users' emotions
  195. California makes it legal to pay with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies
  196. Google will have sole control over the interfaces of Android Auto, Wear and TV
  197. ASUS is reportedly making the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch yet
  198. The NSA's 2013 transparency report is more opaque
  199. For $10,000, here's a mechanical watch you'll never have to set
  200. 'OK Google' voice commands are coming to your Android lockscreen
  201. Forget.me makes it slightly easier to wipe yourself from Google's memory
  202. Balloons could power space tourism by 2016
  203. LG's G Watch has a smartphone processor inside and goes on preorder today
  204. Android L is bringing better battery life to all, battery saver squeezes out 90 extra minutes
  205. Android still the dominant mobile OS with 1 billion active users
  206. The Big Picture: Punching a hole in a (simulated) spacecraft
  207. Planetary Resources wants your help spotting asteroids
  208. Sit back and watch hacks around the world in real time
  209. Powerful spyware apps let the government control everything on your phone
  210. How to Disappear (almost) Completely: the illusion of privacy
  211. Google Glass goes on sale in the UK for 1,000
  212. Microsoft giving away 15GB of OneDrive storage, 1TB for Office 365 users
  213. Watch lightning strike around the world in real time
  214. Tax haven Jersey now wants to become 'Bitcoin Island'
  215. Smart London buses get real-time map and empty seat displays
  216. Chicago is getting lamp posts that count people and track pollution
  217. NASA wants to launch its asteroid capture mission in 2019
  218. Big Bang researchers aren't so sure they have proof of cosmic ripples
  219. NY medical marijuana law could mean big bucks for vaporizer makers
  220. GoPro cameras show what it's like to endure a terrifying car crash
  221. Blame Canada: Google ordered to block website links worldwide
  222. Super cheap Smart Home kit brings automation to the masses
  223. Scientists may have worked out how to defeat antibiotic-resistant superbugs
  224. Hackers use Snowden leaks to reverse-engineer NSA surveillance devices
  225. WSJ: Apple's smartwatch will feature 'more than 10 sensors'
  226. The next version of Android will enhance battery life, speed up apps
  227. Teenager builds browser plugin to show you where politicians get their funding
  228. NASA wants to explore Saturn's biggest moon with drones
  229. Police say Apple's anti-theft switches have dramatically reduced iPhone thefts
  230. Hate drones? This system tells you when to duck and cover
  231. Bitcoin gets its first big sports sponsorship
  232. Scientists use lasers to understand how water stays liquid below its freezing point
  233. US Navy wants to blast enemy drones with Humvee-mounted laser cannons
  234. 1Password for Windows now lets you manage accounts from your browser
  235. UK spies using foreign loopholes to monitor Google, Facebook and Twitter users
  236. Aston Martin will use solar panels to keep race car drivers cool
  237. Garmin's new app lowers the price of premium navigation
  238. US government lifts restrictions on high-detail satellite imaging
  239. Supreme Court will decide when threats made on social media become criminal
  240. Court ruling could force YouView to change its name
  241. Phone-jamming cloak lets you be seen and not tracked
  242. Crowd-control drones reveal the technology's dark side
  243. Earin's tiny wireless earphones recharge while they're in your pocket
  244. Europe and South Korea will share their 5G know-how
  245. Want to hijack people's PCs? Pay them a few cents
  246. IMAX shows why its 4K camera could get you watching 3D movies again
  247. BMW and Mini make it easier for GoPro to record your road adventures
  248. Xbox One July update brings help for Achievements and 'Likes' on recordings
  249. Social Sweepster mines your accounts for beer pong and bad words
  250. Apple recalls older European iPhone chargers due to overheating risk