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  1. NASA catches a glimpse of Saturn birthing a new moon
  2. Why the IRS wants to be your Facebook friend
  3. Here's the software that helps Edward Snowden avoid the NSA
  4. Why Amazon is right to steer clear of Bitcoin
  5. The Galaxy S5's fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits
  6. Google makes it easier to email your smartphone snaps from the web
  7. There'll be no escape from the FBI's new facial recognition system
  8. Belgium bans Uber, threatens 10,000 fine for each attempted pickup
  9. Google's new terms of service tell you that it's scanning email for ads
  10. Crooks use Heartbleed exploit to steal 900 Canadian tax IDs
  11. The UK's stolen phone market is as healthy as ever
  12. Windows Phone's latest update finally makes the OS feel whole
  13. Microsoft offers early download of Windows Phone 8.1
  14. This tiny generator can power wearable devices using your body heat
  15. NASA is looking for an alternative to battery power for its spacecraft
  16. NSA can keep quiet on internet flaws it discovers in 'clear national security' cases
  17. Cherry trees blossom six years early after a trip to space
  18. IRS tastes its own medicine, will pay Microsoft millions for Windows XP support
  19. ?What is Heartbleed, anyway?
  20. Audi competition aims to unlock the potential of connected cars
  21. We may soon use lasers to redirect lightning strikes
  22. Facebook report shows where and how often it blocked illegal content
  23. Sprint's cellphone for kids lets parents keep a close watch
  24. US will force Facebook to protect WhatsApp user privacy
  25. The Heartbleed bug is affecting routers, too
  26. Google will protect your phone by looking for sketchy apps you already installed
  27. In France, you can buy a phone contract from a vending machine
  28. Samsung's Galaxy S5 is trickier to repair than its ancestor
  29. Google Play Music can now stream direct to Sonos on Android
  30. eBay attempts to lure back UK users with 20 free listings a month
  31. Welcome to Mars on Earth
  32. The Solar Impulse 2 could fly around the world without a drop of fuel
  33. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2's battery is pretty easy to replace
  34. First UK Google Glass trial gives Parkinson's sufferers more independence
  35. Investigator worries that UK authorities may be misusing surveillance powers
  36. How to turn Sky's 10 Now TV box into a networked media player with Plex
  37. Court rules that the EU's data retention law violates privacy rights
  38. Gogo planning 70Mbps WiFi on transatlantic flights
  39. Internet security key flaw exposes a whole load of private data
  40. Watch the Navy's electromagnetic railgun blow stuff up before it hits the high seas
  41. Raspberry Pi's computer now fits in the space of a tiny memory stick
  42. Scientists testing an 'acoustic shield' to protect cities from earthquakes
  43. The Micro is a $200 3D printer that can make a teacup in an hour
  44. NASA is offering code from more than 1,000 programs for public use
  45. UK's Ministry of Defence has its own creepy hazmat testing robot (video)
  46. Windows Phone may come to your car with Cortana as copilot
  47. EU to require that EVs and hybrids make noise to alert pedestrians
  48. This is Earth's malware threat, visualized
  49. This Android add-on lets you multitask with your Chromecast
  50. Google's Project Loon balloon goes around the world in just 22 days
  51. Explore the ancient temples of Angkor Wat through Google Street View
  52. Internet Explorer 11 now looks nicer no matter what device you're using
  53. TomTom's new GPS watches track your heart rate without a chest strap
  54. Gmail's mobile app may soon let you snooze and pin messages
  55. Kitchen smart scale will weigh food in calories as well as ounces
  56. Windows will be free on phones, small tablets and the Internet of Things
  57. Universal Windows apps are coming to your Xbox One
  58. Microsoft teases a classic Start Menu for Windows 8.1 with built-in Live Tiles
  59. Viber's Windows Phone 8 app now allows you to call any number you want
  60. NASA's game collaboration lets you steer asteroids without leaving home
  61. This quarter-sized chip platform could power future Android Wear devices
  62. Samsung confirms thinner and lighter Galaxy Tab 4 tablet range
  63. Study claims kill switch for stolen cellphones could save $2.5 billion per year
  64. The NSA had an easier time breaking web encryption than previously thought
  65. Samsung looks to Google for help in its latest legal battle with Apple
  66. Intel's SD card-sized computer may not be so tiny after all
  67. Ultrakam lets your iPhone capture higher resolution film-like video clips
  68. Google clamps down on Android apps with deceptive ads
  69. Newly discovered dwarf planet could challenge what we know about our solar system
  70. NSA may have spied on 122 foreign leaders
  71. Japanese phones will soon get alerts for inbound missiles and other attacks
  72. Search engines allowed to block political websites in the name of 'freedom of speech'
  73. Google now lets you arrange its web apps just the way you like them
  74. Office Mobile is now completely free to use on Android and iPhone
  75. Samsung's first Smart Bulb is Bluetooth-only and lasts 10 years
  76. MIT develops new platform to spy-proof websites
  77. NASA captures over half the galaxy's stars in new infrared panorama
  78. Slighty smarter watches: Casio reveals two new G-Shock concepts
  79. Apple engineer explains where the iPhone came from
  80. IRS says bitcoins are taxable property, but not currency
  81. Apple's latest App Store experiment makes finding apps easier
  82. Ducati's new bike jacket turns you into a human airbag
  83. Google Search on Android now warns you when traffic grinds to a halt
  84. Panasonic's HX-A500 wearable action cam serves up 4K video at 25fps
  85. NSA spied on Huawei founder's emails to implicate him as a Communist Party insider
  86. LG's first smart light bulb flashes when you get a phone call
  87. Twitter testing ways to hide @replies and hashtags
  88. Volvo's connected cars could make winter driving safer for everyone
  89. NSA claims that technology firms are aware of its data collection
  90. Using the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus
  91. Samsung reportedly working on a SIM-equipped watchphone
  92. New Skype for Android promises not to drain your battery
  93. The NSA can reportedly collect 100 percent of an unnamed country's phone calls
  94. vrAse turns your smartphone into a VR headset (hands-on)
  95. Astronomers find evidence of cosmic inflation, gravitational waves and the Big Bang
  96. The other thing Holland has legalized: carrier-free SIM cards
  97. Google helps devs create cross-platform Android and iOS multiplayer games
  98. Fleet of underwater gliders could improve global weather forecasts
  99. Alleged Bitcoin founder hires a lawyer in bid to 'clear his name'
  100. How would you change the original Surface?
  101. Lego Cubestormer robot solves Rubik's Cube in less time than it takes to read this headline
  102. Xiaomi confirms 5.5-inch, octa-core Redmi Note phone with teaser
  103. Google Maps for Android now tells you about upcoming events
  104. Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs
  105. EU law to require that all cellphones charge through a common standard
  106. 'Acoustic cloak' could shield submarines with a cone of silence
  107. Threes is finally available for Android
  108. Apple now warns users of in-app purchase settings in iOS 7.1
  109. Here's how the NSA can collect data from millions of PCs
  110. NVIDIA says most laptops die after 50 minutes of gaming, claims new GPUs will double that
  111. Apple drops iPhone return policy back to 14 days, matches carriers
  112. This is the thinnest LED that anyone can make
  113. Flappy Bird creator 'considering' bringing the game back
  114. Snoop Dogg gives us a tour of his SXSW 'man cave'
  115. When you cram an entire smartphone into a watch, you get the Exetech XS-3
  116. Raspberry Pi gets its own sound card
  117. Snowden says encryption and oversight are key to protecting the public from surveillance
  118. Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy in the US
  119. A closer look at Titanfall's not-so-secret weapon: Microsoft's cloud
  120. Android lead says wearable developer tools coming in two weeks
  121. Samsung announces security-minded Cloud Print apps for Android and iOS
  122. WikiLeaks head doesn't believe Obama is serious about NSA reform
  123. Dell's Precision M2800 workstation is for prosumers who need performance on the cheap
  124. HP quietly launches an 8-inch Android tablet for $170
  125. Bitcoin's elusive founder reportedly discovered living in California
  126. Samsung's wearable blitz may not be over: here comes the 'S-Circle'
  127. Dell charging EU customers for Firefox installation, Mozilla's not having it
  128. Samsung devices no longer boosting benchmark scores after Android 4.4 update
  129. The Bitcoin drama continues: another exchange shuts down, while Overstock reports over $1 million in
  130. Tesla plans European expansion with service centers and showrooms
  131. Microsoft tries to get users off Windows XP with migration tools and warnings
  132. Pizza Hut's concept touch table lets you swipe your way to a perfect pie (video)
  133. First dual-boot Windows Phone 8 and Android handsets said to arrive by June
  134. Scientists get a shark's eye view using wearable computers
  135. Nintendo 64 mod promises HDMI output, soldering burns
  136. Why did Samsung play it safe with the Galaxy S5's processor?
  137. Bing search gets a scientific calculator almost two years after Google
  138. Mt. Gox exchange faces US lawsuit over Bitcoin losses
  139. Virgin Media pushes its fiber broadband top speed to 152Mbps
  140. Federal Reserve has no authority to regulate Bitcoin, according to Chairwoman
  141. BBC head wants all iPlayer users to pony up the licence fee
  142. Google adds the 'Polar Bear capital of the world' to Street View
  143. Google+ for Android learns even more photo editing tricks from Snapseed
  144. Apple explains how the iPhone's fingerprint sensor keeps your info secure
  145. US Senator asks for a Bitcoin ban, but don't hold your breath
  146. Skype now lets you sign up with a Microsoft account, updates its Windows Phone app
  147. IBM wants to put the power of Watson in your smartphone
  148. Goophone took just two days to rip off the Galaxy S5
  149. The company behind Candy Crush withdraws US trademark application for 'candy'
  150. Bitcoin wallets and other cryptocurrencies compromised by more advanced 'Pony' botnet
  151. Netflix mocks Amazon Prime Air with hilarious 'Drone 2 Home' video
  152. The i'm Tracer bracelet means never having to ask 'where's the kid?'
  153. Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes dark, digital currency biz calls it a 'tragic violation' of user trust
  154. Samsung's Galaxy S5 has an 'ultra power saving' mode to maximize battery life
  155. Samsung Galaxy S5 preview
  156. HTC wants to combine all your Android phones to cure diseases
  157. Qualcomm updates its top-end chip, reveals future 64-bit Snapdragons
  158. Fujitsu's working on another senior-friendly smartphone for Europe
  159. Garmin's new app turns Sony's Smartwatch 2 into a tiny sat-nav
  160. Intel promotes its latest smartphone chips with some carefully chosen benchmarks
  161. Google and LG are reportedly working together on an Android smartwatch
  162. Mozilla aiming for a $25 smartphone with new chip partner Spreadtrum
  163. Netflix coughs up cash to solve Comcast traffic woes
  164. Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.1 will come with more hardware support and is backwards-compatible
  165. Bing search results now show key events in famous people's lives
  166. Waze for Windows Phone 8 promises not to drain your battery anymore
  167. Apple and Samsung headed for another patent trial in March after they fail to reach a settlement
  168. Samsung's new Galaxy Gear wearable will come in two models, according to fuzzy leaked images
  169. Microsoft is cutting Windows prices to compete with Android and Chrome OS
  170. Apple quietly issues iOS update to patch faulty SSL authentication
  171. LinkedIn now allows you to block other users
  172. Your Facebook privacy settings will now live on after you pass
  173. Nokia Here Maps coming to all Windows 8.1 devices
  174. Smartwatches are dumb, but they don't have to be
  175. White House offers new web tools to help fight patent trolls
  176. Dell to be the first PC maker to adopt a wireless charging standard
  177. 5TB hard drives are here, shipping now in LaCie's five-bay NAS
  178. Google reportedly offered to acquire WhatsApp for $10 billion
  179. New Google WiFi app could automatically log you into Starbucks and other public hotspots
  180. Broadcom's new chip brings GPS to smartwatches without killing the battery
  181. Garmin's Fenix 2 GPS watch can track your sporting life and talk to your phone
  182. Google opens official Chromecast support forum
  183. New Google Maps is now rolling out to everyone's desktops
  184. Homeland Security reconsiders plans for a national license plate recognition database
  185. The Supersmoker Bluetooth pairs an electronic cigarette with a speakerphone
  186. Researchers are working on a lie detector to sniff out false tweets
  187. Google's Russian rival offers free alternative apps and services on Android
  188. Amazon's virtual currency now works on Android phones and tablets
  189. Samsung's new Galaxy Gear might run Tizen instead of Android
  190. Microsoft makes it easier to sign your Office 365 documents
  191. Samsung Galaxy S5 might come with a fingerprint sensor
  192. Snowden documents reveal that the NSA spied on WikiLeaks website visitors
  193. iTunes Radio recording comes to Mac via DoubleTwist
  194. New Bing fitness app for Windows Phone tracks you after the run is over
  195. The first limited edition PS4 is a regular PS4 with a gold sticker
  196. Samsung countersues Dyson over vacuum copycat claims
  197. This three-year-old pizza won't kill you
  198. Microsoft reportedly prepping Office for iPad to release in the first half of 2014
  199. Windows Phone, Chromecast and YouTube get together thanks to Tube Cast
  200. Twitter claims Venezuela is blocking its images to stifle protests
  201. South Korea shuns Huawei over fears that it spies on the US
  202. Google deems Android ready for more Chromecast apps, let the floodgates open
  203. Biggest-ever solar thermal power plant goes online in California
  204. Windows 8 sales pass the 200 million mark, still trail Windows 7's success
  205. Facebook now lets you specify a custom gender in your profile
  206. Scientists get meaningful energy from laser-based nuclear fusion
  207. The best alternatives to Google's own Android apps
  208. China sees rare drop in smartphone shipments as its market matures
  209. Skype's new tweaks will sync all your devices and notify you quicker
  210. StreamNation copies all your cloud media into a central hub
  211. Amazon executive gets a taste of his own medicine in heated trademark dispute
  212. Google and VMware team up to put your Windows desktop on Chromebooks
  213. NASA's building a satellite refueling robot platform that works... in space
  214. RIP: China's Jade Rabbit rover dies on the moon
  215. What Samsung is saying about the Galaxy S 5
  216. SanDisk's U3 SDXC card supports 250MB/s write speeds, 4K video
  217. Microsoft: Bing's altered Chinese search results are a glitch, not censorship
  218. Sophisticated malware finally discovered after 7 years, likely created by a nation-state
  219. Windows Phone 8.1 leak reveals new messaging and storage settings, and more
  220. Researchers' non-flammable battery could make laptop fires a thing of the past
  221. HP will make some server operators pay extra to get firmware updates
  222. New wireless charging partnerships could mean fewer cables in your junk drawer
  223. Bing now shows how much your Bitcoin is worth in other currencies
  224. You can now play most embedded YouTube videos on your Chromecast
  225. Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud app for iOS now auto-uploads your snapshots
  226. Google refuses to pay French privacy fine in a battle of company versus country
  227. Twitter wants government permission to share specifics about national security reques
  228. Ancient patent troll case against Motorola leaves jurors too baffled to reach a verdi
  229. Your car's computer system can be compromised with off the shelf parts
  230. Android search update lets you pick video on-demand providers in Google Now
  231. A bionic arm and a nerve implant give one amputee a sense of touch
  232. Chrome apps may soon run without any trace of the web browser
  233. Visitors to Sochi Olympics should expect to be hacked
  234. Shopping app lets you beam payments to old-fashioned cash registers
  235. Browsing on your Android phone just got safer, thanks to the EFF
  236. FDA approves swallowable 'PillCam' after almost a decade (video)
  237. Iridium's satellite hotspot will get you online nearly anywhere on Earth
  238. Google Maps on iOS now notifies you when a faster route is available
  239. Hasselblad remakes a Sony DSLR out of aluminum, quadruples the price
  240. Mozilla makes it a lot easier to sync Firefox bookmarks and passwords
  241. Google's so-called mystery barge must relocate in light of permit blunder
  242. The government wants our cars to 'talk' to each other
  243. Facebook, Google and Yahoo now say when the US government requests user content
  244. Google Now comes to the desktop in Chrome and Chrome OS betas
  245. Windows 8.1's first major update leaks online: improved Store app integration, timesa
  246. How would you change the iPhone 5?
  247. A closer look at the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  248. Vienna gallery to auction off alleged Apollo 15 camera used on the lunar surface
  249. Huawei's new high-resolution tablet may give the Nexus 7 a run for its money
  250. Twitter buys hundreds of patents from IBM, ending patent spat