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  1. Install Windows 8.1 Preview in a dual-boot configuration using a VHD
  2. It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday: July 2013
  3. Quick Tip: Download a new copy of the Windows 8 Upgrade ISO
  4. Two ways to undo Word's automatic list indent
  5. Be more efficient with Word 2013's new table features
  6. IObit Malware Fighter
  7. Use this Excel quick fill handle trick to insert partial rows and columns
  8. Build dynamic charts in Excel
  9. A couple of time-saving autofill shortcuts for Excel
  10. Video tip: Add a tile to the Windows 8 Start Screen
  11. Build a simple timesheet in Excel
  12. Use the Recovery Drive Command Prompt to edit the registry or recover data
  13. Quick Tip: Track down lost Microsoft product keys with ProduKey
  14. Word's disappearing white space and control defaults
  15. Quick Tip: Add an Applications folder to the Windows 8 Desktop
  16. Use color to identify messages in Microsoft Outlook
  17. Quick Tip: Make Windows 8 File Explorer launch in Computer view
  18. Quick Tip: Take fast screenshots with Windows 8 shortcut
  19. Three tips for using Excel's conditional formatting more efficiently
  20. Integrate a custom Shutdown menu into the Windows 8 Desktop context menu
  21. Move your Hotmail.com account to an Outlook.com account
  22. Transposing Excel data via the fixed and live methods
  23. Add checkbox controls to a Word document
  24. Restore Windows 8 with System Image Recovery
  25. Quick Tip: Invoke god mode to take control of settings in Windows 8
  26. Add useful apps directly to Word 2013
  27. Determine the remaining number of days in the same year
  28. Remove shared permissions in SkyDrive
  29. It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday: March 2013
  30. Three easy ways to use color in an Excel worksheet
  31. Three ways to guide users through an Excel input range
  32. How to find duplicates in Excel
  33. Be ready to use the Windows 8 Recovery Drive
  34. Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8
  35. It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday: February 2013
  36. Windows 8 apps for the productive Desktop user
  37. Review: Sophos Free Encryption
  38. Add frequently used tables to Word's Quick Tables gallery
  39. Review: Manage Microsoft licenses with Advanced Tokens Manager