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Thread: Map Network Drive - Access denied.

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    Question Map Network Drive - Access denied.

    Win7 to Win7 (both ultimate versions) PCs named Shop1 and Shop2.

    Accounting software folder shared, maps fine.
    Fedex folder is shared, access is denied.

    Modified keys in regedit, nothing changed.
    Enabled Guest user, nothing changed.
    Checked Group name, ok. (Even with different names, the accounting software worked)
    Setup Credentials on Main PC Shop1. Worked on accounting software mapped drives.
    Verified sharing is turned on on both. (all network settings are set identical...)

    On the Fedex folder under Program Files (x86), the sharing button is greyed out. It is set for sharing thru the advanced settings.

    Currently, when I try to map a network drive, I pick the letter (S, then browse, and it sits there showing me "Network" and never showing Shop1 and Shop2. If I choose to seethe full map it will show me Shop1 & Shop2.

    Where is this folder being controlled from? And how can I make it "really" shared.


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    Update: Both machines changed to HOME networks, and are talking more, but still access denied.

    Seems you cannot share a file/folder that is in the "Program Files (x86)" folder? Is it possible to disable the rotten folder, so that no future programs are unable to be shared? Or how to you make it shareable? All folders under here have the "Share" button faded out.


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